Image description

Four panels. An impala (African antelope) ”Pala” speaking to an elephant, ”Ellie”.

Panel 1.
Pala wearing a shirt with many different deer faces.
Pala says ”Check out my new shirt, Ellie. I’m taking a stand against facial recognition.”
Ellie says ”Nice.”

Panel 2.
Ellie standing under the sun. She says ”So the idea is that the system will be confused by all the different faces?”

Panel 3.
Pala responds ”Exactly! Well I’m off to a concert now. Smell you later!”
Ellie says ”Bye”

Panel 4.
Pala standing in a jail cell speaking into a phone on the wall. It’s night-time.
Pala says ”Uhm, Ellie, can you come bail me out? One of these faces was wanted for jaywalking…”