Image description

Four panels. An impala (African antelope) speaking with an elephant. Three birds are standing on the elephant's back. The birds are visually similar to the Twitter logo. More birds are hovering in the sky above them.

Panel 1.
Impala: Hey Ellie, what's with all the birds?

Panel 2.
Elephant: As far as I can tell, they're all migrating because of climate change...
(Above the birds' heads are symbols for exclamation mark, question mark and a lightning bolt)

Panel 3.
Impala: Wow, so the weather is forcing them here?
Elephant: Well... not exactly.
(Above the birds' heads are symbols indicating that the birds are cursing)

Panel 4.
One bird to the other birds: And he's firing everyone but the kitchen sink!

A tree with a vulture standing on a branch and speaking on a phone is also now visible in this panel.

The vulture says: Good news mom! It's okay to harass snowflakes on the birdsite again.